Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Would Someone Pay Me To Take A Survey?
A: There are a large number of organizations in the nation that collect information from consumers to be able to understand the best way to produce and market their products or services. When you complete a survey, this gives them the much needed information they need to know what customers want and how to market it to them. This information you enter on the surveys is so important to them, that they are willing to pay you for your opinion.

Q: How Can I Be Sure That The Organizations Are Really Going To Pay Me?
A: We only associate with organizations that have been examined and scrutinized by our researchers. If we find that a company was found to be practicing fraudulent activity by not paying its consumers, it would be removed from our list immediately. Yet, to this day we have never seen this occur. We have not had anyone of our users report to us that a company was not willing to pay them for their participation. You can be sure that we only include the best and most reputable and honest companies.

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Q: Am I Restricted To Only My Home Computer, Or Can I Take My Laptop Computer And Complete The Surveys Anywhere Else?
A: You do not need to complete the online paid surveys only on your home computer. You can take these surveys from anywhere that you can gain access the internet. This gives you the total independence to take these paid surveys from a wide range of places.

Q: By Giving Them My Email Address Am I Going To End Up On a Spam List?
A: No. You will discover that all the organizations that we list all follow the privacy policy act that prevents them from sharing your information with any other company. By law they cannot discuss your details with any third party organizations.

Q: Is There Any Restrictions On How Many Surveys I Can Take, Or How Much Money I Can Earn?
A: The only restriction on how many surveys you can take and how much money you can earn is your own efforts and time. If you wish to put full-time attempt into taking surveys and joining focus groups, the you will earn more money. Meaning, the money you earn will be totally dependent on your effort and attentiveness to survey offers that they send to you to participate in.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Your Site And Other Membership Sites?
First of all it's absolutely free to join our site! You don't pay anything to participate in the surveys that we provide to you. We will never ask you for any money, ever. We are reimbursed for our efforts directly by the marketing research companies for bringing them high quality paid survey participants like you. This is why our services are provided for you at no-cost whatsoever.

Second, we have already weeded out the bad ones. We've compiled our list of only the very best and highest-paying survey companies in the industry.

Third, we keep you informed anytime a new paid survey company comes out. But only after we have evaluated it to make sure they operate with integrity and are actually paying their participants.

Q: Are There Paid Survey Sites For Teens Under 18 Years Old?
Yes, there are several survey panels that accept teens 13 and older. For a list of legitimate paid survey panels that teens can participate in, please check out our paid teen surveys page.

Q: How Soon Will I Start Earning Money?
Depending on the survey companies you sign up with and what surveys they are currently running, you could start making money even today.  That's why it is suggested that you sign up with as many companies as you can to start receiving as many surveys as you can. You may be surprised how fast you get requests to fill out surveys.

Q: Can I live anywhere in the world? Are their any restrictions on the surveys?
A: Some of the companies in our list will only accept people living in the United States; however, most of them are open to anyone in the world. The only other restriction that we've encountered is that most of the companies require that you be at least 18 years old in order to participate and get paid.

Q: Can I stay anywhere in the world? Are their any limitations on the surveys?
A: Some of the market research companies on our list will only accept people living in the United States; however, most of them are open to anyone in the world. The only other limitations that we have encountered is that a lot of the companies require that you be at least 18 years old in order to participate in the surveys and get compensated. But, we do now have a few that will allow teens to participate, visit the page paid teen surveys.

Q: How Often Does Your Company Update Your Database?
A: We are always on the hunt for new paid surveys for our members and we update the database as soon as we find them. We also notify you by email of the latest and highest paying surveys after we have tested and investigated them. If we discover a hot new high-paying survey site, we'll make sure that you're the first to know about it.

Q: I'm Somewhat Doubtful. Are These Paid Surveys Real?
A: We have been in the survey industry listing business for almost a few years now and the demand for survey participants is increasing at a rapid pace. If our paid survey offers were not legitimate, these companies would have been out of business a long time ago. Believe me, these paid surveys are real, legitimate and very legal.